Curious, Collaborative, Confident

Our culture is at the heart of our business and our success.

It is built upon an ethos of ambition, hard work and intellectual curiosity as we look to continually improve and strengthen what we do.

We believe in cultivating broad mandates and collaborating across strategies, across departments and across the global team. We respect, care and take pride in the colleagues we work with.


When hiring we target the exceptional, hiring only a few and investing in all of them.

We don’t believe in a revolving door. That is why our partners have an average tenure at the firm of 12 years and most of our senior PMs have worked together for over a decade.

We are continuing to build a multigenerational firm where every member of the team matters and has the opportunity to contribute to the delivery of our strategic roadmap.

Our business is built on cultural diversity and this is reflected across all levels.


“Having had the opportunity to intern at Capula as part of the Teach First program, I was delighted to join the firm full time working in our trading business management team. Coming from a non-finance background, I have had a steep learning curve, but have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and opportunities this has posed and I am grateful for the support I have received along the way.”


Trading Business Management


“Being the best isn't just about being the smartest. It’s also about being cool under fire. Ego doesn’t deliver performance, humility does.”

Yan Huo


Our Mission

To provide our clients with superior risk-adjusted investment performance and to build a resilient business that attracts, develops and retains exceptional people.

Our Values

Hold ourselves to the highest professional standards

  • Put clients’ interests first
  • Behave ethically and with the utmost integrity
  • Maintain an independent perspective

Make a significant positive difference to our clients’ investment performance

  • Build enduring, trust-based relationships with our clients
  • Bring the best ideas and solutions to 
our clients
  • Contribute to building our clients’ capabilities

Build a great environment for exceptional people

  • Treat all with respect and courtesy
  • Share knowledge and commit to mentoring and developing each other
  • Challenge each other’s ideas robustly and collaboratively act on the best ideas
  • Be a ‘one firm’ partnership

Our Philosophy

Our approach to selecting, developing and promoting our human capital is founded on the key belief that long-term success is the result of:


In-depth academic training which is an indispensable prerequisite for understanding the complexity of financial markets.


The accumulation of extensive knowledge and expertise about markets, regulatory constraints, and client preferences.


A corporate culture sensitive to the complex and evolving needs of compliance and regulatory developments.


Impeccable integrity and ethics.


Our partners, senior traders and business managers developed their respect for these beliefs in apprenticeships in academia and at the world’s leading investment banks and investment managers.

Whilst most of them followed a quantitative academic curriculum, some studied liberal arts. All, however, share a background of rigorous and analytical studies upon which they have built a career in finance.

If you feel that you identify with our values and philosophy, and are interested in a career with a long-established global investment manager, we invite you to find out more about employment opportunities with Capula.

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